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Exotic Taste

  • Sweet, savoury, colourful and spicy... Overseas French cuisine is a veritable blend of cultures and an exotic culinary adventure.

  • Whether French, Asian or Oceanic, New Caledonian cuisine reflects its mixed population, offering  visitors a  delicious and eclectic menu.

  • On the islands of French Polynesia, the most popular dishes feature raw fish prepared ‘Tahiti style. Forming the basis of the local cuisine are the breadfruit, dozens of varieties of bananas as well as the taro, tarua and ufi’s tubers

  • In Reunion, it would be impossible not to stumble across the ubiquitous cari, inspired by Indian curries. Located at the crossroads of the famous ‘Sea Spice’, Reunion welcomed flavours from all around the world.

  • isitors to Guiana should not miss out on trying the chicken or fish boucané (smoked), a dish  inherited by pirates, which today has many different  variations.

  • In the French West Indies, Creole cuisine is an incredible mix of Caribbean, European, Indian, African and Middle Eastern traditions. 

  • Formerly situated in a cramped location on a square in the town centre, Nouméa market moved to the Baie de la Moselle district near the town’s port in 1991. 


  • “Mapuru a Paraita”: the name of Papeete’s market stands proudly at the entrance to the Polynesian capital’s most popular tourist attraction, located in the heart of the historic quarter and just a stone’s throw from the seafront.  

  • On the west coast of the island of Réunion, the town of Saint-Paul is the weekly setting for one of the island’s most beautiful markets. 

  • Located close to the Place des Palmistes, Cayenne’s symbolic square planted with giant palm trees, the city’s central market is one place that you shouldn’t miss in French Guiana’s capital.