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  • In 1767, the Tahitians welcomed French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville. The story of his trip contributed largely to the creation of the legendary Polynesian paradisiacal myth.

  • As a trading post of the East India company from 1642, and the site of pirates landmarks, this  volcanic mountain was brought to life as it rose  up out of the Indian Ocean,  which had up to that point been uninhabited

  • Even if a French crew  originally in search of Eldorado, landed on Guiana in1500, just after Christopher Columbus had already been there, it wasn’t until1644 that  a genuine European commercial establishment really began.

  • The Arawak people, who came from the South American coasts, were decimated by their  warlike enemies:  the Caribbean Indians. They themselves were wiped out by the first Spanish, English and French explorers

  • No doubt  there were more than three hundred Kanak clans before the explorer James Cook arrived in 1774, but it was he who changed the name of the island in homage to Scotland. The New Caledonian archipelago is situated in the heart of the southern Pacific and spans 500 kilometres. 

  • Pearl farms in Polynesia, plantations and refineries of sugar cane to La Réunion or in the Antilles: a whole industrious and human epic is there to (re)discover behind the beach...

  • Find out more information about the villages and towns of Martinique.