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  • The french Caribbean island offers a thousand treasures: forest, black or white sand beaches, coves and islets, Mount Pelée, Creole cuisine, rum and zouk dance...

  • The islands of Guadeloupe... Seven charming islands of the Caribbean Sea
    that provide a real mix of sea, culture, flavours and nature.

  • The "Friendly Island" will satisfy everyone: nature, culture
    and sport lovers…

  • Saint Barthélemy is a very small island with extremely unique flora, culture and architecture, as well as many white sandy beaches to enjoy.

  • A kingdom of forests, rivers and animals, French Guiana seduces all nature lovers. A paradise for ecotourism, Guiana is situated in northwest South America, between Suriname and Brazil.

  • The hotel Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France is located in the beautiful Baie des Flamands.

  • Welcome to the private nature reserve at Saint-Martin island, perfectly equipped so that you can fully enjoy your Caribbean experience.

  • In 1982 expert botanist Jean-Philippe Thoze brought new life to the estate he lived on as a child - the Balata Botanical Gardens, Martinique. Experience this magical transformation and encounter 3000 tropical species while walking on a spectacular canopy path up high in the trees.

  • The Parc des Mamelles (Zoological and Botanical Park) is situated on the west coast of Guadeloupe Island, in the Basse-Terre region. Here you will encounter endangered species in a wonderful rainforest setting.

  • Head to this French rocket launch base near the Kourou region. Enter a world of space legends and let the countdown begin!