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  • © IRT/ Serge Gélabert
    Randonneurs à l'Ile de la Réunion - © IRT/ Serge Gélabert
  • © IRT/S. Gélabert
    Plage de Boucan Canot - Ile de La Réunion - © IRT/S. Gélabert
  • © IRT/S. Gélabert
    Composition de fruits - Ile de La Réunion - © IRT/S. Gélabert
  • © IRT/ E.Virin
    Groupe de Maloya - Ile de La Réunion - © IRT/ E.Virin
  • © IRT/S.Gélabert
    Volcan à l'Ile de La Réunion - © IRT/S.Gélabert
  • © IRT/E. Virin
    Le marché de Saint-Paul - Ile de La Réunion - © IRT/E. Virin
  • © IRT - Serge Gélabert
    Cascade Takamara - Ile de la Reunion - © IRT - Serge Gélabert
  • © IRT/E.Virin
    Cratere Formica Leo - Ile de la Reunion - © IRT/E.Virin

Overseas Territories

At the heart of the Pacific, Atlantic or Indian Ocean, go and discover France ‘s overseas territories spread through the three oceans.
You will find a delicious mix of sun and French Touch were authenticity and life enjoyment are king.

You will be assured of a change of scenery for nature lovers, love at first sight for young lovers, total satisfaction for amateurs of culture and gastronomy... and activities for all in landscapes to take your breath away.

Those are ideal destinations at the beginning of winter and they benefit from all the assets of mainland France.