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  • Kube Hotel Paris

    Kube Hotel Paris | © Kube Hotel

  • Restaurant

    Restaurant | © Kube Hotel

  • Ice Bar

    Ice Bar | © Kube Hotel

  • Nordic Room

    Nordic Room | © Benoit Autissier

  • Restaurant

    Restaurant | © Kube Hotel



    Rooms and Suites

    Situated in the 18th district of La Chapelle, an ever changing area with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, the Kube Hotel  first opened on 16 November 2005.

    Away from prying eyes, the address is only known by the initiated. Away from the bustle of the big boulevards, the Kube Hotel enjoys the quietness of a discreet small street, home to famous businessmen and “in the know” Parisians.

    At the heart of this surprising universe, high tech equipment combined with a contemporary decor, entirely designed for today’s lifestyle, allows the “Kubers” to experience it to the full.

    Whether they are residents or just visitors, Kubers from all over the world will recognise the special design of The Kube. The hotel offers a restaurant, 2 bars including the only ice bar in Paris and the first in France, 41 rooms and suites, 2 lounges and a fitness room.


    On the mezzanine of the Kube Hotel restaurant, the Ice Kube is the first and the only ice bar in the capital. With a temperature of minus 10 centigrade, 20 tons of ice, a counter, the Ice Kube offers a real new experience. Kubers are forever seeking new sensations and in order to explore the frozen part the Kube Hotel, technical clothing is provided, which is both light and elegant.

    From the time you go inside, your eyes will need to adjust to an unfamiliar glare and all sounds become very pure. Your lips discover a burning sensation on contact with the frozen glass and the vodka served IN the rocks envelops the mind and body of the Kubers.

    The ice has been worked like crystal by Michel Amann, a specialist in this field and a former world champion ice sculptor. The ice decor designed by Crystal Group becomes unreal, animated by projections of colour and with a tailor made music surround.

    First and unique ice bar in Paris, the Ice Kube is the icon of contemporary ice age and resolutely urban.

    In order to keep its fans forever surprised, the decor of this most chilled out place is changed every year.

    Since its opening, over 2 000 explorers every month have tried out the unforgettable and unique experience of this mini Parisian north pole.


    A unique gustative experience where aromas and tastes melt into one. On your plate, you will find a mix of ingredients which might confuse your senses. The Kube’ restaurant invites you to discover new flavours through eight different ways to enjoy a specific dish with a specific cocktail.

    A unique way to satisfy your curiosity. Those unusual combinations of flavours, elaborated with great precision will give you maximum pleasure.