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  • Barge

    Barge | © Saint Louis hotel

  • barge

    barge | © Saint Louis hotel


    Boating on the two sea canal

    The first section of the canal between Sète and Toulouse was built in1681 by Pierre-Paul Riquet. He intended to continue the canal as far as the Atlantic, but as the state coffers were empty, the project was abandoned. For nearly two centuries, the river Garonne
    had to suffice for the transport of goods from Toulouse to Bordeaux. This journey took 20 days to complete due to navigation difficulties: during high tides or in times of drought, use of the river was impossible so passage between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean was along the Spanish coast via the Straits of Gibraltar. This long journey of 3,000 km meant braving storms and pirate attacks. By the beginning of the 19th century and the Industrial revolution, the need for a more efficient and humane mode of shipping was realised and the construction of the Canal du Midi relaunched. It was opened in 1856 and runs alongside the river Garonne for 193 km..


    The Canal in figures

    • 7 canal bridges,
    • Tarn-et-Garonne : 79,731 km of canal,
    • 33 locks,
    • 9 ports and marinas.

    Remarkable technical engineering works in Tarn-et-Garonne

    • The water slope at Montech allowing the navigation of a drop of 13.30 metres to the canal adjacent to the river Garonne,
    • The canal bridge at Cacor,
    • The rotating bridge at Saint-Jacques, Moissac,
    • 44 typical canal lock houses.

    Principal ports

    • Montech
    • Montauban
    • Castelsarrasin
    • Moissac
    • Valence d’Agen


    And also: the canal linking Montech to Montauban, 10.5 km long with 11 locks.

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    Cruise options


    Discover the history, charm, and beauty, but above all, the peace and quiet of this corner of south-west France.

    The luxury barge hotel, St Louis, offers cruises for 4 to 6 people.

    From Montauban to Agen or Agen to Castets-en-Dorthe, the Two Seas Canal meanders through the countryside, allowing you to visit Auvillar with its ancient grain hall, the internationally renowned cloisters at Moissac as well as enjoying local cuisine and wines.

    This Dutch houseboat built in 1923 has been lovingly restored to offer luxurious comfort; its large upper deck is ideal for appreciating the passing vistas during delicious meals.

    The cruise includes: 3 roomy cabins, each with en suite; travel to and from Toulouse; excursions; haute cuisine meals including wine; an open bar as well as houseboat and crew costs.


    La Barge Saint Louis
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