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  • Château de Versailles Gardens - Maia Flore | © Vu’/Atout France/Maia Flore

  • "L’Arbre à basket" Nantes | © Vu’/Atout France/Maia Flore

  • La coupole Charvin, Pic du Midi, Maia Flore | © Vu’/Atout France/Maia Flore

  • Le Château Royal de Blois, Maia Flore | © Vu’/Atout France/Maia Flore

  • Les Thermes du Mont Dore, Maia Flore | © Vu’/Atout France/Maia Flore

  • Parc et Château de Beauregard, Maia Flore | © Vu’/Atout France/Maia Flore


    ImagineFrance at Bercy Village

    From June 13, 2014 to September 09, 2014

    An original, offbeat perspective into French heritage

    This is the aim of the ImagineFrance exhibition which will tour the world for 3 years.

    Between July and September 2013, the artist Maia Flore, traveled throughout France, putting her own spin on a country rich in history. The photographer adds her own unique magic to the scenery, having made a fantastic tour across France in 66 days, flitting from one end of the country to the other.

    25 majestic heritage sites

    The exhibition beautifully depicts France’s castles, museums, churches, caves, parks and groves... Visitors cannot help but gaze in wonder at the artwork.

    In each photo there is a character which transforms and claims ownership of the location, bringing a remarkable life to the exposition and surprising visitors. Sometimes it is an actor included in the photo’s mise en scène, sometimes a spectator, this recurring character enlivens and revitalises historic places visited by tourists.

    ImagineFrance is a never before seen experience, immersing viewers in places which may already be familiar but always presented in a remarkable way thanks to Maia Flore’s exceptional talent.

    Come and explore or rediscover France’s rich heritage.

    A traveling exhibition

    The exhibition will tour the world for 3 years. In 2014, the first stops will be in Italy (Rome, Naples and Milan) then it will travel to the United States and finally to France, at Bercy Village in Paris from June 13 to mid-September.


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