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  • © Océan d'images

  • © Océan d'images


    Rendez-vous at the Zoological and Botanical Park of Guadeloupe

    The largest zoo in Guadeloupe

    The Parc des Mamelles (Zoological and Botanical Park) is situated on the west coast of Guadeloupe Island, in the Basse-Terre region. Here you will encounter endangered species in a wonderful rainforest setting.

    Experience the island wildlife

    Epitomising the island, the racoon can be observed in its natural habitat. Did you know that they wash their food before eating it? Look, there's a jaguar - another king of the jungle. This giant cat shares centre stage with the fascinating snapping turtle.

    An adventure

    Walk the paths and listen to the cheeky squirrel monkeys twittering away. Be an explorer and walk across the suspended hanging walkways high up in the treetops. You'll see guava trees, anthurium plants and wild pineapples all hanging between huge ferns.

    Fun and games

    You'll think you're on Noah's ark, as you'll be amazed by the variety of sights to see, from diverse animals to an array of plants. Don't be surprised if you see Tarzan swing by! Explore the jungle and discover the amazing secrets of the forest! There are toboggans and cabins up high for the children's enjoyment.


    Parc des Mamelles (Zoological and Botanical Park)
    D23 Route de la traversée
    97125 Bouillante
    Tel : 0590 98 83 52


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