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  • The Wine House of Tours, wine presentation | © Interloire Tours

  • Wine House of Loire in Tours | © Interloire Tours

  • Wine presentation at the Wine House of Tours | © CDT Touraine


    Rendez-vous at the Wine House of Tours

    Wine House of Tours

    At the Wine House of Loire located in the heart of the old town of Tours, Marie-Colombe is there to advise you on all of your food, wine and gift ideas. Tasting workshops are organized all throughout the year.

    To help familiarise you with the regionally protected wines of the Loire Valley, the Wine House of Loire in Tours offers three tasting packages:
    • "Discovery” - a brief and easily accessible format
    • "Thematic" - a 50 minute session
    • "Initiation" - a privileged apprenticeship session of approximately 2 hours

    Both educational and fun, these sessions are specially designed to guide you in your approach to the wines of the Loire Valley.


    Wine House of Tours
    Marie-Colombe Haudebert
    25, rue du Grand Marché
    37000 Tours
    Tel :+33 (0)2 47 60 55 21


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