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    Rendez-vous in the village of Sant Antonino

    A vertiginous village.

    Perched 500 m up, amongst the hills of the Balagne, Sant Antonino is one of the oldest Corsican villages, dating back to an old Roman "castra".
    Skilfully restored houses stretch out along its straight, narrow roads. The past is everywhere to be seen: in the engraved façades, in the old-fashioned form of a baker's oven or even a wine-press.

    The village is dotted with archways and, from wherever you stand, you can enjoy the splendid panoramic view of the Algajola lagoon, the sea, the Regino valley and the Balagne.

    Sant Antonino, once described by Maupassant as "a collection of houses scattered under a blue blue sky", turns out to be a prize-package where beautiful landscapes, old stones and nature merge harmoniously.

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    For further information, please contact the tourist office on: +33 (0)4 95 61 78 38


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