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  • San Michele church

    San Michele church | © ViaFrance


    Rendez-vous in San Michele Church

    A green and white façade.

    The façade of San Michele church, with its alternating green serpentine and white limestone pattern, sits comfortably in its natural surroundings.
    In addition to this remarkable dual colour scheme, the Pisan-Romanesque style church also boasts some very expressive - although rather gauchely executed - sculptures.

    Although their appearance may seem childish, their message is nonetheless shocking: warning thieves that they will have their hands cut off and slanderers their tongues.

    Perched high on a promontory, San Michele church combines the beauty of Corsica's architectural heritage and the richness of its landscape: two good reasons to include it on your itinerary though this beautiful island.

    Additional informations

    For further information, please contact the town hall on: +33 (0)4 95 37 60 10


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