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  • Sailing off the pink granite coast.

    Sailing off the pink granite coast. | © ViaFrance


    The Pink Granite Coast

    Pretty in pink.

    The very specific colour of the rock from the pink granite quarries of the town of La Clarté lent its name to this coastal area. Three zones of this type exist in the world: in Brittany, in Corsica and in China.
    The coastline which stretches from Plestin-les-Grèves to Louannec thus naturally took the name of the "côte de granit rose", or "pink granite coast".
    Paths invite walkers to discover this area, on foot, on horseback or by bike. It is even possible to explore the coast from the sea, in a canoe or on board a sailing boat, or even by plane. The archeological remains, châteaux, churches, manors, fountains, wooden houses and so on retrace the history of this place. There are many lively events organised by the towns in this coastal area.

    Isolated creeks, colourful flora and sea birds make up a spectacular seaside picture!


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