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    Musée des Tumulus de Bougon

    The history of man.

    Standing between a burial site dating back to 4,500 BC and the remains of a Cistercian monastery, the Tumulus of Bougon Museum explores life and death in the Neolithic Age and beyond.
    The five tumuli or grave mounds are the oldest in Europe.

    The museum houses excavated materials from the site as well as replicas of a room in the Neolithic settlement of Çatalhöyük (Turkey) and passage tomb art from Gavrinis (Brittany). It often hosts new exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops, both indoors and out.
    Since tumulus A was first discovered in 1840, hundreds of skeletons, bone fragments and burial offerings have been exhumed.

    Schedules and prices

    Admission prices :
        Unemployed : Free
        Full price : 4.5 €
        Disabled (adults) : Free
        Students : Free
        Up to 17 years : Free
        Reduced price : 3.5 €


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