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    Maison de Cognac Martell (Cognac Producer)

    Even better when you have a bottle.

    The problem with the wine produced in the Saintongelais region is that it cannot cope with long journeys owing to its low alcohol percentage, and so, Cognac is produced. To make it more resistant to transportation, it is distilled and transformed into "mulled wine".

    To reduce shipping costs, a second distillation procedure is carried out and the manufacturers have noted that the taste improves when placed in oak barrels during transportation.

    In order to introduce this wonderful amber eau-de-vie to the public, four touristic itineraries featuring distinct stages have been devised.

    Additional informations

    For details of the itineraries, contact Les Etapes du cognac - Maison des viticulteurs on + 33 (0)5 45 36 47 35