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  • Marcou H.

    Marcou H. | © ViaFrance


    Ile de Bréhat

    Flower island.

    Here, the many exotic species brought back by sailors throughout their journeys had no problem acclimatising thanks to the mild climate.
    Hydrangeas bloom with an explosion of soft colours, surrounded by laurels, mimosas and eucalyptus. Flower Island lives up to its nickname, at least in its southernmost part.

    Bréhat is actually an archipelago. In the south, pleasant gardens and a charming stone village offer a warm welcome to visitors as they arrive. The ascent of the little hill - twenty-six meters above sea level - brings visitors to the chapel of Saint-Michel and rewards you with the sight of a breathtaking panorama.
    Colourful, diverse, the landscapes of Brehat are endlessly surprising.