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    Eglise Saint-Pierre d'Aulnay-de-Saintonge

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    St Peter’s Church in Aulnay-de-Saintonge, Poitou, is one of the finest Romanesque churches in western France. In the Middle Ages, it stood along the pilgrimage route from Paris to Santiago de Compostela. It now has a tranquil location amongst green pastures.
    The sculpted figures are not to be missed: on the three west portals, the left tympanum depicts the "Crucifixion of St Peter" whilst the right shows "Christ in Majesty". The archivolts of the south portal also present a variety of stunning decorations featuring mythical creatures, episodes from the Gospels and Biblical scenes.
    The relatively simple interior has some large sculptures. Note the three elephants and Delilah cutting Samson’s hair as he sleeps.


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