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    Cité médiévale de Lucheux

    The middle-aged Lucheux.

    For such a small place, Lucheux boasts a remarkable number of Medieval buildings.
    The belfry, included on Unesco's World Heritage list, along with 22 other belfries from the regions of Nord-Pas De Calais and Picardie, served as the town hall until 1830.

    The early 12th century castle played a strategic role in the Hundred Years War and sheltered many famous men including Philippe Auguste, Louis XI and Charles the Foolhardy. Lucheux castle lost its keep on the orders of Richelieu who wanted to diminish the power and influence of the nobles.
    Lucheux's Romanesque church was built at about the same time as the castle and is remarkably well preserved with wonderful engraved capitals.


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