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    Cave Canard Duchêne

    Sparkling Visits

    Deep in the wine cellars of the Champagne region, proud local specialists will introduce you with gusto to wine-making and the art of combining wines from different vintages, varieties and years.

    You will learn all about fermentation, sampling the foam, bottle rotation and purging.
    This will prepare you for a divine moment of wine-tasting that is a true celebration and an occasion to share the good life.

    Discover the three types of grape used to make champagne: chardonnay (a white grape), pinot noir and pinot meunier (red grapes).

    At Ludes, four winemakers offer you an effervescent experience!

    Schedules and prices

    Admission prices :
        Full price : 7 €
        Group rates (adults) : 5.5 €

    Closed on 14 July, 15 August, 1 November and 11 November


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