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Rendez-vous in the Pays du Coquelicot

The Pays du Coquelicot
and protected areas of the Somme valley offer a variety of environments...

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Rendez-vous in Roubaix

If there is one area in which the town of Roubaix excels, it is undoubtedly one of rehabilitation: a museum in a swimming pool, a place dedicated to fashion and many more things.

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Rendez-vous in the Marais poitevin

The Marais Poitevin is one of the largest marshes in Europe...

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Rendez-vous in Langres

The Langres region and the four lakes
located at the gateway of Champagne and Burgundy...

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EDEN - “EDEN in 365 Days Challenge” Competition

Would like to discover the hidden gems of the EDEN network?Then why not take up the challenge of...

One year to visit at least three EDEN destinations You would be the potential winner of a trip to...