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    Parc National de la Vanoise

    Parc National de la Vanoise - The first French national park

    Located in the Rhône-Alpes region and in the Savoie area, the parc national de la Vanoise was the first French national park, created in 1963. The Vanoise National Park shares 14km of its border with the Gran Paradiso National Park, in Italy. Its highest peak, the Grande Casse, culminates at 3855m.

    The Vanoise National Park is made up of two valleys: the Tarentaise valley a valley of the Isère River, and the Maurienne valley, where the Arcriver runs.

    You can walk through its 600km of trails, including the GR 5 and GR 55 as well as the Via Alpina. Here you will come across 1200 species of flowers, ibex, chamois and nesting birds. In winter, the Vanoise National Park is perfect for skiing!

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